The first year of life is full of special moments and milestones. Our team of Infant Teachers is here to support you as you embark on your parenting journey! Sharing photos and highlights of every day to include you in all of your child’s growth and development.

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About Our Infant Programs

When you enter a Green Garden Infant Classroom, you will see a clean environment where your baby will grow in the care of early childhood professionals who are committed to meeting your family’s individual needs. Your infant’s primary caregiver can be found holding your baby during meal times, singing during diaper changes and taking blankets outside to introduce children to the outdoor classroom. While parents are a child’s first teacher, you will leave knowing that secure attachment is supported through our HighScope curriculum and consistent caregiving from a familiar face within an engaging, natural and safe learning environment.

The HighScope Curriculum

Individualized Daily Routine

  • Arrival
  • Greeting time & Message Board
  • Planning time
  • Work time
  • Recall
  • Snack
  • Small group activity
  • Large group activity
  • Lunch
  • Nap: on demand throughout the day
  • Outside
  • Care giving routines: on demand throughout the day

Respectful & Responsive Caregiving

Keeping the children and families as a first priority is imperative for Green Garden infant care. We recognize the importance of clear communication especially within the first year of life. Infants cry; it’s one of their main forms of communication and developmentally one of the only options they have. We are here to listen, affirm and access their needs accordingly.

Sensory Rich Environments

Play among multiple materialed surfaces is strongly recommended for infants and their growth. We believe that children should touch, feel, taste, smell and hear as many options as they can and we do so early on. Our infant classrooms are stocked with natural materials that create different textures and sounds so your child can explore!

Feeding Choices Supported

We support a multitude of feeding options because we know that it is the family’s choice to decide how they would like their infant fed. Due to licensing requirements we do require all feeding options to be ready-to-consume, but outside of that we are open to breastfeeding, home-made food and outside snacks as long as they are organic and allergy friendly.

Freedom of Movement

Freedom of movement looks like allowing children to move and do activities for themselves. Even at the infant stage we encourage children to explore both the classroom space as well as spaces in our outdoor classrooms. As long as the child is safe and not harming themselves or others we at Green Garden believe in giving the child the choice to be independent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you follow Safe Sleep practices?

Yes, we follow all recommendations of safe sleep as provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

How will I know how their day went?

With the help of Brightwheel, a mobile-app, you’ll stay up-to-date on your child’s entire day.

Why Choose Green Garden?

Nutrition & Wellness

We embrace a healthy approach to childhood nutrition and wellness

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Family Focused Community

We aim to be extension of home, not a watered-down version of school

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Curious Learning Movement

We create intentional “YES” environments that foster autonomy and develop inquisitive thinkers

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Gardens & Growth

We believe nature offers never-ending opportunities for growth and learning

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Outdoor Classrooms

We build spaces outside of our buildings to continue learning throughout every moment our day

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What Parents Are Saying

My two kids have been a part of the Green Garden family for a few years now. This place is not a day care, it is more of a learning facility. Green Garden and the teachers provide a great and loving environment with lots of activities. My kids love going to school and they love the teachers. I also like the fact that the food that is provided is organic. That is important in today’s society, especially because of the use of pesticides. I also like the owner of Green Garden. I see her all the time. She is involved in the daily activities and she provides good benefits for the teachers. Better benefits for the teachers should mean more talented teachers. Overall, this is a great place and one of the better decisions my wife and I made for our children.

Doug W.

As a new mom trying to navigate Covid, I was extra cautious when it came to selecting a facility that would make us feel safe but that also felt like home. We found that in Green Garden – the staff is wonderful and engaged, communicative and kind and our son has a blast every single time he goes to school. We recently moved into the older toddler program and our only regret was having to say goodbye to Miss Nekeshia. Thank you so much to everyone at GG!

Marney B.

Dropping your infant or child off at daycare for the first time is such an emotional event. The staff at Green Garden really help to make this transition more comfortable. The teachers here are so kind and you can easily tell that they are passionate about their jobs. Both my children are excited every morning to go in. It makes those drops offs so much easier when your little one has a smile on their face and talks about their teachers at home. Additionally as a plant based family we have greatly appreciated their organic, vegetarian menu. They are also very welcoming and supportive of LGBTQ families. A truly warm, enclosing and welcoming environment.

Aleigha P.

All three of my children attended Green Garden and we couldn’t be happier with our experience there. We transferred from another local day care facility when my oldest was 2 years old, before the other kiddos were born, and it was the best decision we ever made. Green Garden staff are caring and knowledgeable. Everyone at Green Garden was attentive to our children’s medical needs, and the directors have always been quick to respond to questions, concerns and last minute schedule changes. I am impressed with how little staff turnover they have, which is unusual in the child care industry. The teachers truly became an extended family to us, and I will miss them as my youngest heads off to kindergarten. My favorite part of our experience at Green Garden has been the unique classroom setting, coupled with lots of nature and outside time! I also loved the sense of community, with “after-hours” family activities that helped build relationships with other Green Garden families. Our children learned so much and made lifelong friendships. I cannot say enough good things about Green Garden!

Christina C.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best child care center I’ve ever encountered. They actually do put children first, they don’t just talk about it (as so many centers do as they become overly concerned with numbers and finances). It’s incredible to watch them grow – both physically and in mission to children and families – and to contribute so strongly and positively into their community. Highest recommendation possible.

Jenny P.

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