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About Nature Quest Summer Camp

Ages: 5-10 years old

Sign up your child for our weekly Nature Quest Summer Camp. Every week is a new theme full of activities that includes community care projects, field trips, enrichment projects, and so much more.

Choose to register for one week or all 12 to make your child’s summer memorable.

June 10th-August 30th
Camp runs Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM.

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  • Organic breakfast, lunch, and two snacks provided daily
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2024 Schedule

Disconnect to Connect

June 10th-14th

Children step away from their electronic devices and instead connect with themselves, others, and nature. Throughout the week our campers will participate in various activities aimed at team building, mindfulness, and adventure. This includes working together to solve challenges, practicing mindfulness in nature, and exploring new adventures.

Animal Adventures

June 17th-21st

Are you ready for a wild adventure? Join us for a week of fun and excitement at the Animal Adventure camp! We’ll explore the
animal kingdom and learn about different species from around the world. During the week, we’ll take a field trip to see animals
up close and learn more about their habitats and behaviors. We’ll also have fun with animal-themed crafts, games, and songs. It’s sure to be a week full of adventure and discovery!

Immersive Book Worm

June 24th-28th

Let’s dive into the world of books. Join us for a week of adventure at the Immersive Book Worm camp! We’ll explore the magic of literature and learn about different genres and authors. During the week, we’ll visit the library and read to younger children, sharing our love of books with the next generation. We’ll also have the opportunity to write our own book, using our creativity and imagination to craft a story that’s uniquely our own. It’s sure
to be a week full of fun, learning, and inspiration!

Colors of Nature

July 1st-5th (CLOSED 4th-5th)

Join our 3 day summer day camp to explore colors in nature! You will learn how colors are made and how they help animals and plants. You will also do fun activities like making natural dyes, painting with flowers, and playing with light and shadows. See nature in a whole new light!

Water World

July 8th-12th

Water world fun ahead. We’ll explore the wonders of water and learn about different aquatic environments. During the week, we’ll visit the splash pad, where we can cool off and have fun with water
games and activities. We’ll also have the opportunity to learn about water conservation and how we can protect our planet’s precious resources. It’s sure to be a week full of adventure and learning!

Space Explorers

July 22nd-26th

Each day, the campers will learn about a different planet or the solar system as a whole and do various crafts, games, and
experiments related to that topic. The camp aims to spark curiosity and creativity among the campers and help them develop a deeper appreciation for the wonders of outer space.

Wonder Lab Science

July 15th-19th

If your camper loves experimenting and getting messy, this is the week for them! We will spend the week studying science in nature by asking questions, making hypotheses, doing experiments, and
learning from our findings. Campers will learn about different scientific studies, from herpetology to geology to entomology and beyond!

Art Adventures in Nature

July 19th-August 2nd

Join our Nature-Inspired Art Adventure Camp! Imagine a week where creativity blooms amid the natural world. Kids aged 6 to 12 will sketch leaves, mold urban wildlife from clay, and weave art from discarded treasures. Plus, we’ll explore the Detroit Institute of Arts, bridging old masters with fresh inspiration. Let’s turn the outdoors into our masterpiece!

Nature Detectives

August 5th-9th

Grab your magnifying glasses and field notebooks—it’s time to unravel nature’s secrets! Explore forest trails, decode animal tracks, and discover hidden treasures. From gnawed leaves to
ancient rocks, every clue leads to adventure. Let’s become Earth’s

Planet Protectors

August 12th-16th

Let’s embark on a week of environmental stewardship at the Planet Protectors Camp. Our young campers will participate in service learning projects and create innovative solutions for some of our planet’s most pressing environmental challenges. From understanding climate change to tackling microplastics,
our campers will make a difference for Planet Earth. It’s a week of exploration, education, and empowerment—all while
nurturing a deep love for our precious natural world!

Dino Discovery

August 19th-23rd

Travel back to prehistoric times. We’ll explore the great outdoors and learn about the fascinating world of dinosaurs. Our campers will have the opportunity to visit Dinosaur Hill, where they can see
real dinosaur fossils and learn about the history of these incredible creatures. We’ll also explore the preserve’s natural beauty, learn about local plants and animals, and participate in fun activities that encourage creativity and exploration. It’s sure to be a week full of excitement and discovery!

Life Crafters Camp

August 27th-30th

Campers will explore practical skills essential for daily life. Our tool class introduces basic tools for home maintenance, teaching safe handling and simple fixes. Meanwhile, cooking activities focus on culinary arts, from measuring ingredients to following recipes. We’ll
create macaroni and cheese from scratch that you will get to take
home for dinner! By week’s end, campers will have a toolkit of skills to keep practicing at home!

Field Trips

Field trips are educational excursions that take students away from their usual classroom environment. For our school-age campers, these weekly outings provide an opportunity to explore new places, learn about different subjects, and engage in leisure activities.

Enrichment Activities

Weekly enrichment activities are exciting sessions where visitors come to our schools to share a variety of engaging experiences with our campers. These activities cover a wide range of interests, like cooking, music, and more.

Community Care Projects

Community care projects involve weekly activities that positively impact the local community. Our campers actively participate in planning and creating these initiatives. We foster a sense of ownership and commitment by empowering them, creating a positive impact together!


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