Feeding Children Well

We believe proper nutrition is crucial to a child’s development and we are committed to providing healthy and fresh foods for your little ones. We serve food that is organic, vegetarian, free of preservatives, GMOs, dyes, and any other harmful additives.

Focused On Health

Everything we do from cooking to cleaning, playing to learning is carefully planned and designed to be earth friendly. We promise to use only natural and biodegradable cleaning products all throughout our facility.

Learning Through Play

We use a research-based, child focused curriculum that teaches your little one through exploring and playing. The HighScope curriculum has a proven record of paving the way for children’s school and adult success.

I’ve always had a passion for creating 
a safe and loving environment for the children I am entrusted to care for… I 
am so proud of The Green Garden and everything it stands for.

Erica Tank, Owner and Director

I feel so lucky to have found a place that provides the best care and education for my child. I highly recommend this place. In addition to the outstanding care, they are also willing to use cloth diapers and provide organic foods for all the kids.

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Our programs

Preschool & PreK

Green Garden a play based program because we truly believe play is the work of the child. Our highly educated teachers know there is much more than “just play” going on when a child is immersed in a world of imagination. Through play children learn to understand complex vocabulary, how to problem solve, self regulation, decision making, creativity, and…

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Green Garden is the only licensed child care facility in the state of Michigan using that serves 100% organic and vegetarian meals, every day, no exceptions. In our center you will find many toys made from wood, recycled materials, and natural cloth fibers, the use of plastic is limited as much as possible. Because living in a city greatly limits a child’s exposure to the…

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Green Garden Child Development Center is the first and only completely organic and earth friendly child care and preschool center in Michigan. We offer an innovative program utilizing the nationally recognized High Scope Curriculum. We believe it is every child’s right to develop of foundation of academic and life skills through encounters in the natural world. We believe…

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